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Hosted PABX

AdvanceNet Hosted PABX is an off site Telephone system developed specifically for the small to large businesses.

You no longer need expensive hardware on-site as your phone system is provided by our highly reliable core system that has almost 400 features, and is managed and monitored 24/7.

Using a single IP platform, AdvanceNet’s Hosted AdvancePABX makes use of the Internet to deliver flexible communications. It’s a platform that supports growth by catering from 2 to 200 users.

AdvancePABX is fully featured and delivers enhanced features typically found only within large corporate offices. Imagine a system like this working for your business.

Managed Phone Systems

We only recommend Phone Systems that have a proven track record and strong brand awareness. This ensures that upgrades and expansions are well supported by both Advancenet and our suppliers. We provide key systems to suit small offices, and have the experience to support large PABX’s with hundreds of extensions for large businesses. We provide flexibility and deliver reliability, and that’s what makes our systems and installations the best choice. We have a proven history of managing complicated and flexible systems, and will design a system to suit your needs. We won’t sell you features you’ll never use, and we don’t push new products for the sake of technology.
Hosted PBX Prices

Other Features Available
13/1300/1800 Intelligent Numbers

AdanceNet uses a fully managed national communications network. We use tier 1 carriers within Australia, and demand the highest quality of service from them. AdvanceNet can provide intelligent numbers offering either a basic national single answering point, to a complex postcode routing plan directed to 100’s of answering points.

Business Lines and VoIP

We offer the best of both worlds at AdvanceNet. We not only provide traditional business phone lines with the standard features expected, we are pleased to offer our business customers with the next generation Voice Over IP Telephony.

We are also providing our customers with a single bill for both VoIP and traditional phone lines.

ISDN Services

AdvanceNet uses a fully managed national communications network, which provides ISDN BRIs with 2 channels, up to ISDN PRIs with 10, 20 or 30 channels. We can provide various number ranges to ensure we meet your business requirements. This is a carrier grade service that offers high availability with the expected ISDN features.


We use Vodafone within Australia, and expect the highest quality of service from them. AdvanceNet can provide various business mobile plans that reduce your internal administration costs. We provide our customers with one bill for both fixed line and mobile communications. We use the GSM and 3G networks to provide the best in coverage and data applications.